Friday, April 30, 2010

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

It was a dark and stormy night. No, really it was, I’m not just playing the Snoopy card here. I hate driving in bad weather which is why I was following Blythe’s car pretty closely. She had made meet her at a new restaurant after work. I am hopeless with directions and can get lost in my own yard. Blythe was leading me home.
The rain poured down on our cars in heavy sheets. I could barely see her tail lights. Suddenly the sky was bright with lightning. I could have sworn I saw some one standing on the side of the road. It may have been a trick of shadows. I don’t know, but what happened next will stick with me forever. I was still following the tail lights but the ground under my tires felt different. Crud! We had gone off the road. I had stopped but Blythe’s car kept going. I lost sight of her lights in the rain.
I tried calling her cell. No answer. I texted her. No response. I dug for my umbrella. I knew it wasn’t going to help but I think I went into auto pilot. I stepped out of the car. My shoes sunk deep into the wet, muddy grass.
“Blythe!” I trekked forward not really knowing where I was headed. I couldn’t see anything, “Blythe!” I yelled again. The thunder was loud. I saw a light. I headed towards it. The rain eased up enough for me to see a little ways in front of me. The light I saw was from Blythe’s car. It was the interior light. Her door was open.
“Blythe, where are you?” As I approached the car I realized that she wasn’t in it. “Blythe!” I hollered as loudly as I could. The lightning flashed again and again. I saw the trees at the edge of the field we had ended up in. It was like watching an old movie flicker. I could have sworn there was some one standing there. Some one that wasn’t Blythe.Something on my left startled me. When I jumped and turned I saw two dogs run past towards the trees where WHOEVER was standing. When I turned back he was right there. I could have touched him. He was tall. I had to look up to see his face.He had on a brimmed hat not that different from the ones Indiana Jones wore. His eyes. His eyes were eerie. I could tell even in the dark and rain that they were grey. A weird grey. Grey like a knife blade. Silver almost. They seemed to glow.
”Is everyone OK?” A voice behind me called.I turned just slightly to see who it was. When I turned back he was gone. I strained my eyes to see through the rain and dark. He couldn’t have gone that quickly. Where was he hiding? Where had he taken Blythe? My heart stopped for a second when I felt a hand on my shoulder.
“I’m sorry Sweetie,” a woman's voice attached to the hand said. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”
“Are you hurt?” Another voice had joined the conversation. I shook my head no but couldn’t push the words out. My throat felt as though it was sealed shut. The hands turned me slowly and I saw kind blue eyes searching my face. An older lady put her arm around my shoulders and lead me through the rain to the pick up truck her and her husband had been driving. Her husband was on his phone calling the police. I kept looking over my shoulder. When I turned to accept the blanket they were wrapping around me I felt him. I know, it sounds weird but I knew he was there amongst the trees watching me and I knew that he had Blythe. I also knew that he didn’t care if I knew.

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