Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dark and Stormy Night 2

"Did you see where he went," I was sitting in the couple's truck. The rain had stopped but a thick, heavy fog hung in the night air. As far as I knew that was the first thing I had said to either of these people.
"Who Sweetie," said the old woman as she handed me the lid of a thermos filled with what smelled like coffee. I took it but didn't drink.
"The guy who was by Blythe's car".
"There was no one that I could see," replied the woman, "Did you see him Stu?" She looked at her husband. I could see the worry on their faces. Stu shook his head.
I peered into the darkness knowing he was there. Knowing he was watching. Knowing he thought he had won.
The cops came. My parents came. Blythe's parents came. I was giving my 'account' of what had happened when more cars showed up. Police officers in rain gear got out of cars and searched the field with flashlights. The beams were hazy in the distance. It didn't seem real.
A lady told us that the cars would be towed in the morning but would be guarded and searched that night.
Blythe's mom sobbed. I began to wonder if she was even breathing. Blythe's dad was trying his best to console his wife as tears ran down his own cheeks. A lump pushed at the back of my throat and my eyes glazed over.

I really don't remember the car ride home. I know there was one because I woke up sometime the next day in my own bed. I couldn't even remember dreaming.
I sat up. Dreaming. Why did that feel so important to me? Then it hit me. I turned on my computer and went right to my Face Book page. There, under messages, I began searching out the things Blythe had sent me over the last few weeks.
I printed out the important ones, the ones about her recent dreams. The oldest one said, "OMG Chauncie! Had the craziest dream. I'd call you but my mom might here and think I was a full on loon. So there's this guy in my dream. I know he's there but I can't see him or anything. It's like I can hear him calling me but it's all in my head like ESP or something. I kept searching for him. It was freaky. Like I knew we were supposed to be together but we had to find each other first. So romantic! <3 "
I basically told her that she read too many vampire books and that if she dreamed about him again and told me that he sparkles I would disown her. I counted six messages from her about these dreams over the last three weeks. She had sent those six but had told me she dreamed about him every night. She even started to refer to him as 'The Shadow Man'. I just figured she kept dreaming about him because she kept thinking about the dreams but now I was wondering if these were really dreams at all...